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Rachael Carrington Project & SHEQ Manager at Gartec says
"I just wanted to say how great the AuditForm app is and how much it is has revolutionised the way we work. We have managed to become paperless within less than 3 months since implementation. The system is so simple to use and the advantage of being able to add and edit audits and forms ourselves giving immediate effect in the field is fantastic. The engineers using the system have found little issue and the immediate receipt of electronic paperwork which is now far more detailed and legible has meant we can respond to our clients more efficiently. Furthermore your approachable helpful assistance has been a great advantage. I would not hesitate to recommend your system."

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      the app is available in 2 versions
1. STANDARD for larger businesses & multi sites
2. LITE for smaller organisations
     from £10per user per month

Our 10 Point Plan to Improving Efficency & Safety

1. Digitalise all your paper checks and data gathering systems in one app. Operatives can have all checks and forms on their apps on their devices so never need to ask or look for one wherever and whenever they need them.
2. Works on all iOS and Android phones & tabs and Window 7&8 and the New Windows 10 tabs significantly minimising cap ex and implementation costs
3. Unlimited checks with unlimited questions unlimited sites and unlimited users. There are No limits!
4. Easy to set up and manage – guaranteed. The customer is in control, you do not need to get us to add new checks, edit existing and add new users. It’s all very simple to manage by you in house.
5. Operatives can use system in minutes. The system has question help & prompts and preselected answers ensuring that all operatives become equal experts when conducting checks, training others etc; all to the highest standard and quality and not missing anything.
6. Completely mobile. You only need a signal to sync data collected in the apps.
7. Seamlessly collect information, enter text, attach photos and obtain signatures at each ask as well as final sign offs by operatives and management. The app does it ALL!
8. Suitable for far more than just Health & Safety. Can be used for hand overs, maintenance, customer centricity, training, site management, accident and incident reporting,  etc etc.. yes, for just about everything so you only need our app = One System!
9. Cloud based management and information system seamlessly updated from the apps and accessible from anywhere keeping management informed in real time. No rekeying information negates errors as well as saving time.
10. Management know it’s been checked and checked correctly; protecting their backs and operatives.
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