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for food processing, catering & kitchens

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The app simply checks, proves and ensures all hyiene standards are maintained and all cleaning has been completed to the standards you expect informing management and clients with the detail supported with signatures and photos.
The app also manages all non compliance or actions required resulting from the checks and inspections.

Be it Hygiene, Cleaning, Health & Safety
Maintenance or Training
This app Can Do It All

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auditform app is available in 2 versions
1. STANDARD for larger businesses & multi sites
2. LITE for smaller organisations
from £10per user per month

The app Does What?
Tells the operator What to do and how and were to do it
with on screen questions and prompts.....

Q.  Has it been done?
A.  Yes / No


Q. To the Highest Standard?
A. Yes / No + look at the attached photo

Kitchen Cleaned

Use the app for:-
Fridge & Freezer Checks.
Food Standard Checks
Food Processing Checks
Food Storage Checks
Legionella Checks
etc etc.....

Q. Work & Jobs signed off.
A. Yes by Operators, Managers & Customers
Sign Off

How Does The app Do It?

The APP has Unlimited Checks or Audits each with Unlimited Questions
All In One App
 The App tells operatives exactly what they have to do, when and were to do it.
 Staff know that every job they do they are reporting back to management and clients in real time showing
   that the work has been completed, by whom, when and by attaching photos shows the standard of the cleran!
 It ensures operatives have every question and within a check so nothing gets missed or misunderstood
Every clean is at the operatives finger tips
 ticking ALL the boxes for them and you and your customers.
 Just download the App and start using AuditCheck. Then simply digitalise your existing forms, it’s as simple as that! 
 Audit check is designed to run independantly, digitalising paper trails,
   filling in all the gaps, asking all the right questions and ticking all the boxes

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