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Improving Quality, Service  & Safety across the UK.

Simple apps to manage just about everything....

Manufacturing, Processing, Assembling, Compliance
Health & Safety, Maintenance or Training
one app that Can Check & Manage It All

Bin The Stress, Go PaperlessBin It

Audit Check Just App In With Words

Digitises your Auditing, Assessment & Compliance Monitoring Systems
The App is essentially a data collection and checking solution.
The system has lots of existing checks and processes built in but the big benefit compared with most other systems is:-
1. You can design and manage your own checks and forms
2, You can integrate the data collected into existing systems.
Both these mean that your costs of implementation are minimal and take up by staff is much quicker and easier.

Unlimited Audits with Unlimited Questions in one app

AuditCheck ensures you have every question and audit at your finger tips and ticks ALL the boxes for you.
Just download the app and start using it in minutes.
It’s as simple as that! 
The app designed to run independantly, digitalising paper trails,
filling in all the gaps, asking all the right questions and ticking all the boxes.

Who's the auditform app for? Where can it be used?

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What it will it do for you?

All businesses, Public and Private Sectors who want to:-

  • Save Money, Make Money, Save Time
  • Replace Labour Intensive Manual Checking Systems
  • Have a State of The Art Paperless Solution which they can afford AND eveyone can use!
  • Be seen to be ‘At Their Best At All Times’
  • Ensure they are ALWAYS compliant
  • Know at ALL times that their business is performing as it should be without having to ask!

 Is it Affordable to everyone?

  • The app Has A Low Cost Start Up
  • It Is Easy To Implement
  • It Has Low Maintenance and Running Costs
  • A typical 10 User System can be rented for as little as £25 per week!

 Where can the app be used?

  • Action Improvement Plans
  • Audit & Management of Health & Safety, PAT Checks, COSHH etc
  • Asset Checks and Facilities Management Services
  • Care In The Community
  • Care for The Elderly
  • Children Nurseries, Indoor & outdoor Play Areas
  • Contractors
  • Construction
  • Customer Centricity
  • Education, Schools & Academies
  • Essential Stock Items
  • Equipment and Vehicles - Service & Maintenance
  • Farming
  • Fire & Evacuation and Emergency Procedures, First Aid & Accident Reporting
  • Food Processing
  • Installations Inspection Checks & Sign Offs
  • Leisure Industry
  • Local Authorities
  • Manufacturing
  • New Client Assessment Tool
  • New Employee Assessment Tool
  • Rented Properties
  • Performance Monitoring of Equipment & Services
  • Premises Cleaned & Presentable
  • Quality Control
  • PDis and Snagging
  • Recycling
  • Retail and Trade
  • Staff Induction
  • Staff Notice Board
  • Staff Training
  • Security, Manned Patrols, Controls and Procedures

 Can Help Protect Your Business NOW from Fines and Litigation

  • HSE proposes charging £750 for a letter and up to £15,000 for enforcement notices
  • Major High Street Retailer prosecuted for placing construction workers, staff and members of the public at risk and Fined £1,000,000.
  • School Fined £8,750 after caretaker falls
  • Recycling & Shredder companies prosecuted by HSE after a major blaze
  • Major UK Garden Centre Chain Fined £30,000 by HSE

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