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We have the simplest and most cost effective solution available
You can use the app to manager all makes of counters
... and it's unique to us!

Count It & App It

How will you manage your counters once installed?

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Many organisations need to record numbers of people visiting their premises, using their  facilities, parks, walkways, museums etc. and the best way is using battery powered People Counters.

Once counters are installed you have to manage and maintain them extracting and recording the data.
The most cost effective method is for businesses both public and private to use their own staff.

Our simple APP works on a smart phone or tablet.
Staff are instructed when, where and how to extract the data.
Also check the condition of the equipment, the counters, posts and housings
...and manages remedial work such as battery replacement.
The apps are designed for the least skilled operator to use.
Slick, simple and does the job paperlessly!

1. Count It

Example of an outdoor installation
 of people counters

Different counters positioned along a route
Double sided and single sided, some with datalogers others just LCD screens
One houses transmitter, the other the receiver and the data logger
Counters can record both people and cyclists separately on the data logger

Picture and examples of Outdoor Counters on a Route

Bikes and People   Cycle and People In protective HousingOutdoorProtectiveHousingWithMountingPlatesPost Steel Brown With Bike

2. App It

The App. What is it? How can it help me?

Management control who does what where and when by sending instructions to a staff member
via a reminder email to go and collect the data and to service the people counters
and at the same time to Sync the APP's check lists to their smart phone or tablet.
This ensures the data stored in the counter is collected when it should be and nothing is missed or forgotten.
...and with LCD counters you can enter the count in the app at the location.

No one else has this solution!
AuditCheck iPhone 5 Outdoor
AuditCheck iPhone 5 Outdoor Notes         
Everything is simplistically stored in the app; questions and operator answers including photos. When the operator has completed the check they sign it off on the screen and then the app automatically syncs all the data to the cloud based control solution so management know the people counters have been checked, that new data is available, and if any remedial works are required they know maintenance will be seamlessly emailed with the details and photos of exactly what to do without having to visit the site, saving time and money

3. View It

The back office cloud based software system keeps management fully informed and it’s paperless.

Completed Checks:-

 Completed Checks

 With Full Drill Downs In to Every Report, Detail and Photos

With Full Drill Downs In to Every Report, Detail and Photos

Drill Down into details of count entered at one store


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