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The app for Care Homes
& Care In The Community

One app can Improve Quality, Service, Safety & Save Time & Money.

Stay Compliant the easy way with CareAudits.

Bin the Stress Go Paperless   Bin It

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Talbot GroupImprove Quality & Service with CareAudits in over 20 Nursing Homes & Intellectual Disability Services locations in Ireland.

Steven Tegart, Performance & Quality Coordinator at Talbot Group says......
“CareAudits has been an integral part of the program of continuous quality improvement in the Talbot Group. We chose the system for its comprehensive technical features combined with every day ease of use, its competitive price and unrivaled support from the professional and friendly team.
CareAudits has allowed us to vastly increase the type, frequency and rigorousness of our in house audits and to easily identify, tackle and monitor any issues that have arisen. Senior management love the extensive reporting features and setup and administration of the system is a breeze. I would highly recommend CareAudits to any company who wishes to improve their operations”
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Choose from 2 OPTIONS
1. Lite - For independent care homes
2. Standard - Unlimited Users, Unlimited Audits, Unlimited Sites
and comes with Over 80+ standard audits available in one APP.
Each with Unlimited Questions.
Easy to use, easy to add new or change existing audits.
Makes the least skilled operator into the carer's expert.
Ensure you are always Safe, and Compliant,
AlLWAYSs seen at your best with this APP

Do it once do it rightCompletely Mobile
first tim
e & everytime
with the CareAudits app

                                                           CareAuditsCan DoAllThis


The APP on a Phone

Your Phone or Tablet is a completely mobile solution.
Syncing the  app to the web software is just one touch
and takes only a few seconds.


Back In The Office....
or anywhere with internet access.

Management and staff know the exact situation at all locations at all times.
First up is the Dasboard.

There's Full Drill Down into each audit by Person, Location Home,
Outstanding Issues, Resolutions etc....
And there's Barcharts and Comparative Reports 

Completed Audits & Outsatanding Actions
Here management can see and maintain completed audits
and manage outstanding actions...........
Reporting Quality and Dignity.
Each question in all the audits can have a score, a number assigned to it.
The system then reports Inadequate, Requires Improvement, Good to Oiutstanding

Protecting Your Existing Investment.
care Audits for care Homes is a microsoft sequal cloud based system
which can run either stand alone or data collected can easily be
imported and integrated into other solutions via our api links.

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CareAudits LITE
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Bin The Stress Go Paperless  Bin It