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Miocare A105 MedicalMioCARE Tablets Designed for Care

MioCARE and MioWORK Tablets are THE Options for Care

We all use Tablet / PDAs / Smart Phones at work and at home.

We wouldn’t be without them for many everyday things;
including Internet Access, Emails, Apps, Music, Photos etc.,etc.
We take them for granted and assume that they will do everything we ask of them in both private and commercial environments.
But will they?

Concerned about Staff Using Tablets at work?
Will they be lost, are they charged etc. etc.
Don't be, we have the answer.

Total Cost Of Ownership
Before investing in AdHoc cheap off the shelf Tablets you should consider
the Total Cost Of Ownersip to your business.
Having industry proven reliable standardised tablets throughout your business
pays and saves you money and time in every department.

Safe, Tidy Efficient

MioCARE Tablets                                         6 Doc Comms Charging Cradle 
Miocare A105 Medical

Miocare Charging Cradle x 6





   No More Messy Cables

   No More Lost Chargers
   No More Flat Batteries

  No More Health & Safety Danger

   Run your business tidily and safely
   with MioCARE Solutions

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Total Cost Of Ownership

If your business requires mobile services using Tablet PDAs then you need to be sure
they will work when you or your employees need them to work, every time!
Whilst reading these examples consider the Total Cost of Ownership of these units compared to all others!

For example…..

Will the battery be fully charged when required?

Are they safe?

Do they have a single multiple charging cradle i.e. a seperate one for each device?

Are they used in mission critical circumstances?

Are they designed for intensive use?

Are they all the same and user friendly?

Can they scan Bar Codes?

Can they work with Bluetooth scanners?

Will they work with your printers?

Have you got telephone support?

Do they come with a service and maintenance pack? *

What about Warranty?

What if they are dropped?

Have they got a toughened screen?

Are they water resistant?

Can they be wiped clean with standard clinical wipes and solutions?

Have they got an IP54 Anti Microbial Polycarbonate disinfectable coating? 

MioCARE Tablet PCs are:- Simple, Tidy, Efficient and Safe!
...and are less likely to walk unlike branded Tablets, iPads etc.!


Healthcare • Care Homes• Care in the Community • NHS• Retail • 

Key Fearures

• Robust 1 metre drop resistant case

• 4-6 Hours Battery Life
• IP54 water resistance and Anti Microbial Polycarbonate Coating on A100 & A105 models
• Programmable keys
• Integrated communications
• Optional smart cradles

• Os in English, Dutch, German, French, Italian and Spanish

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