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AuditForm on iPhone in handImproving Quality, Service and Safety across the UK.

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Unlimited audits, unlimited users with unlimited questions

apps & paperless systems
save between 25% and 40%
in time, efficiency and money. Fact!

Health & Safety or Maintenance
Catering, Cleaning, Training
Facilities Management
Leisure Services & Leisure Centres
Care Homes and Care In The Community
it's the Business App that can Check It All

Local Authorities & Councils
Midlothian Logo
Replaced their old maximiser system with an APP
It's used for their Cleaning, Maintenance & Health & Safety Audits. The APP is paperless and digitalised their work flow saving time and money. They are using the APP to Audit all their sites including Schools, Offices, Libraries, Depots, Toilets and Maintenance facilities.
Alistair Clarke at Midlothian says "We are using the checks on our tablets linked to iPhones and I am particularly pleased as to the ease and speed of implementation transferring from our old Maximiser system and how easy it is for operatives to pick up and use. The system was cost effective to purchase and we are already experiances operating savings and benefits."

Middlesbrough Council Leisure Services
Replaced their old mamanual paper driven systems with an APP
It's used both Dryside and Wetside, Inside and Outside ensuring that they are always safe and looking their best. Management can now instantly see all the information gathered within minutes, wherever they are, knowing that their premises and equipment have been checked, are safe and clean for the public to use and enjoy all of the time. Kern Systems quickly digitalised their forms for them which ensured staff instantly recognised each of the audits with minimal training requirements. The system was a cost effective purchase using Tesco Hudls.

New £20million Sports Village opened 18th May 2015.
Athletics Stadium, Skate Park, Active Gym,Sports Hall, Cycle Cicuit, Synthetic & Grass Pitches, Fun Village & Cafe

Rainbow Logo Oval 2

Six-court multi-purpose sports hall home to national league roller hockey.
A swimming pool, Active gym, Squash Courts, a Purpose-built Dance Studio and much more.

auditform app USPs
1. Digitalise all your paper checks and data gathering systems in one app. Operatives can have all checks and forms on their apps on their devices so never need to ask or look for one wherever and whenever they need them.
2. Works on all iOS and Android phones & tabs and Window 7&8 tabs significantly minimising cap ex and implementation costs
3. Unlimited checks with unlimited questions unlimited sites and unlimited users. There are No limits!
4. Easy to set up and manage – guaranteed. The customer is in control, you do not need to get us to add new checks, edit existing and add new users. It’s all very simple to manage by you in house.
5. Operatives can use system in minutes. The system has question help & prompts and preselected answers ensuring that all operatives become equal experts when conducting checks, training others etc; all to the highest standard and quality and not missing anything.
6. Completely mobile. You only need a signal to sync data collected in the apps.
7. Seamlessly collect information, enter text, attach photos and obtain signatures at each ask as well as final sign offs by operatives and management. The app does it ALL!
8. Suitable for far more than just Health & Safety. Can be used for hand overs, maintenance, customer centricity, training, site management, accident and incident reporting,  etc etc.. yes, for just about everything so you only need our app = One System!
9. Cloud based management and information system seamlessly updated from the apps and accessible from anywhere keeping management informed in real time. No rekeying information negates errors as well as saving time. Cloud based means No IT issues requiring approval and management!
10. Management know it’s been checked and checked correctly; protecting their backs and operatives.

and... 'Bring Your Own Device'
minimising implementation costs.
We charge per user not device so you can have as many devices and variants as you like.
A user can have the app on a tablet and their phone and use both to do the checks.
It’s simple!
Works on iOS & Android devices &
Windows PCs & Laptops

The app Digitises your Auditing, Assessment & Compliance Monitoring Systems

The App is essentially a data collection and checking solution.
The system has lots of existing checks and processes built in as standard
but the big benefit compared with most other systems is:-
1. You can design and manage your own checks and forms
2, You can integrate the data collected into existing systems.
Both these mean that your costs of implementation are minimal and take up by staff is much quicker and easier.

Unlimited Audits with Unlimited Questions
All In One App

The auditform app ensures you have every question and audit at your finger tips, all the time, in a simple app not on pieces of paper.
And when a check is completed just sync and it will be instantly transfered onto the web were management can see whats been done and if any remidial works or checks are required.

Audit check is designed to run independantly, you don't need WiFi or Phone signal when doing checks.
This means you can can take the tablet or phone anywhere and use the app 24/7. 

Just download the App and start using AuditCheck and let the app tick ALL the boxes for you.
Setting up or digitalising your existing forms is easy, or if you like we will do them for you.
You can easily change checks and or add new checks.
So getting started is simple, quick and cost effective.
Now it can't be simpler than that! 

Whos it for? Where can it be used?
HS All UsersJPG

Just A Few Screen Shots of apps in Use.......

AuditCheck HS Logo 2 

 Health & Safety

iPhoneAuditPictures HS
How Safe Are You? Seamlessly Attach Proof in our apps.

Leisure services Complete Oval


  Leisure Services

Injury Accident
Asking ALL the right questions. Collecting and Reporting Injury

AC Cleaning Logo Oval


 Cleaning and Contracts and Maintenance

What's been done? Is it Perfect? Customer, Client & Operative Signatures.


Several iPhone Shots CARE
Are our residents and clients safe, in a good environment and tret with dignity?

HGV iPhone 5 Muli Screens  Qs
Are our Vehicles Safe and Presentable?

HGV Accident reporting Picture

In the event of an accident are all the correct questions asked and reported?

It really can Save You Money in Every Department

auditform app. Public Sector. What it will do for you?

  • Save Time.
  • Replace Labour Intensive Manual Checking Systems easily!
  • Have a State of The Art Paperless Solution which you can afford AND eveyone can use!
  • Be seen to be ‘At Your Best At All Times’
  • Ensure you are ALWAYS safe and compliant.
  • Know at ALL times that your business is performing as it should be without having to ask!
  • Management just look on the dashboard to see the exact state of play.

Where can auditform app be used?

  • Action Improvement Plans
  • Audit & Management of Health & Safety, PAT Checks, COSHH etc
  • Asset Checks and Facilities Management Services
  • Care In The Community
  • Care for The Elderly
  • Catering
  • Children Nurseries, Indoor & outdoor Play Areas
  • Contractors
  • Customer Centricity
  • Education, Schools & Academies
  • Essential Stock Items
  • Equipment and Vehicles - Service & Maintenance
  • Fire & Evacuation and Emergency Procedures, First Aid & Accident Reporting
  • Food Processing
  • Installations Inspection Checks & Sign Offs
  • Maintenance
  • New Client Assessment Tool
  • New Employee Assessment Tool
  • Performance Monitoring of Equipment & Services
  • Premises Cleaned & Presentable
  • Quality Control
  • PDIs and Snagging
  • Recycling
  • Staff Induction
  • Staff Notice Board
  • Staff Training
  • Security, Manned Patrols, Controls and Procedures
  • Time Sheets

 SAVES Money.......

  • Delivering Real Time Information - SAVES 20% per week
  • Reducing Time on Inspections and Recording, Filing and Entering Information- SAVES 25%
  • Reduced Time to Action Remedial Work by Immediately Emailing of Faults with Details and Photos to Colleagues & Contractors - SAVES £s
  • Reduced Insurance Premiums - Increases Profits- SAVES £s
  • Reduces Dependency On Requirement for Industry Experts- SAVES £s
  • Helps protect businesses from loss and theft- SAVES £s
  • Delivering Safer and Better Services - Without The Cost- SAVES £s
  • Clarity of Role and Responsibility of Staff -Standardisation and Consistency- SAVES £s

 Can Help Protect Your Business NOW from Fines and Litigation

  • HSE proposes charging £750 for a letter and up to £15,000 for enforcement notices
  • Major High Street Retailer prosecuted for placing construction workers, staff and members of the public at risk and Fined £1,000,000.
  • School Fined £8,750 after caretaker falls
  • Recycling & Shredder companies prosecuted by HSE after a major blaze
  • Major UK Garden Centre Chain Fined £30,000 by HSE

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