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Accident & Incident apps

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Manages EVERY kind of Accident or Incident
in EVERY kind of business scenario.
Including: vehicles, drivers, people, customers, manufacturing etc etc.

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      One App To Do It All

  AuditCheck Just App In With Words   Bin It  Bin The Stress 

auditform app is available in 2 versions
1. STANDARD for larger businesses & multi sites
2. LITE for smaller organisations
from £10per user per month


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 •   The apps ensure nothing gets missed and everything that needs recording is recorded.

•   All with simple drop down prompts and tick boxes as well as ample room to enter detail.
•   The apps are simple to edit and tweak the standard questions or to digitalise all your
     existing paperwork.
•   Each app can have unlimited audits each with unlimited questions.

•   All completed audits / reports can be uploaded or synced in seconds from any Wi-Fi connection.
•   The details of the report can be exported to excel, emailed, imported to other systems or archived.

The Back Office
•   Management can then have immediate access to the uploaded reports through their web browser on any smart phone, tablet or PC.
The details of the report can be exported to excel, emailed, imported to other systems or archived.

Post Accident Follow Up Investigations
•   Management can use the apps to complete
   a) Post Accident Investigation
   b) Post Accident Risk Assessment  

Example of What the app covers
e.g. The Drivers Guide at the Scene of an RTA
·        DO NOT under any circumstances ADMIT LIABILIY.
·        If requested by a police officer to make a statement, you should politely reply that the company has instructed you to consult their solicitor before making any statement. However, this does not apply to a WITNESS STATEMENT.
·        Try to obtain the names and addresses of any witnesses to the accident.
·        Any injuries, call the ambulance and police services.

Application of first aid 

Exchange details 

Gather information
Contact Office


Post-Accident Investigation 

Post-Accident Risk Management Analysis


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