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apps with unlimited checks with unlimited questions
only available from Kern Systems

POD Apps
A simple system of phone apps which manage
Proof of Deliveries

Designed for Indipendent Operators  & Fleets, Logistics, Couriers and Parcel Delivery organisations.
It's Simple, It's Fast and It's Paperless.
Easy to use, easy to edit, add or customise the POD APP to suit your requirements.
It's been designed for the least skilled operator to use.

Ensures you record everything from Collection to Delivery & 
Nothing Gets Missed.
And You are 
Always Seen At Your Best with your customers and delivery point with this APP.

Do it once, do it right, first time and everytime with AuditCheck POD Apps

Completely Mobile

         Unlimited Checks
         With Unlimited Questions
         Multi Site and Multi User


AuditCheck POD All What It Can Do

The POD App  is..

The latest simplest independent digital checking & POD solution available.
At the collection point of parcels for delivery......
Has everything been checked regarding the collection?
Have signatures and names of customer handing over the parcels been obtained.
Have photos of packages been taken?
Have correct delivery details been obtained?
Has the combined weight been obtained?
Have you recorded the time of pickup?
At the delivery point......
Have you entered the name of the person receiving the parcels?
Have you obtained their signature?
Have they accepted that all goods received in good condition?
Have you attached photos of the packages at the point of delivery?
Have you recorded the time of the delivery?
In the event of damage or error......

Have you obtained name and details of the person rejecting part or all of the delivery?
Have you recorded the precise reasons why?
have youn attached photos were applicable?

Has the customer signed confirming their agreement to reject or refuse the delivery or part thereof?
Have you agreed with the customer how replacements will be processed?
Have you explained how claims are processed?
As a manager of your business....
Do you know all the answer instantly?
Do you know if ALL issues found in PODs have been resolved satisfactorily?
Are you sure you will get paid for completing the delivery?

Well, you do with this 
POD App, it's all in the Dashboard on Your Phone.
And you don't have to think to look at it because the system emails you immediately
if there are issues so nothing gets missed.


The system is a centrally managed web based solution

Use the preconfigured apps and or tweak them to suit you.
Or Simply convert your existing paper based checks.

The App

Your Phone or Tablet is a completely mobile solution.
Syncing the  APP to the checks on the cloud software is just one touch
and takes only a few seconds with any WiFi connection,
or use the mobile phone connection if SIM installed.

Once downloaded you do not need an internet connection to complete the delivery process & POD.
You can walk anywhere, stop, skip questions, return and restart at any time.
You can seamlessly add notes and photos and get signatures as you proceed
against each question within the app. It really is that simple!

The app not only asks all the questions but you can add tips and prompts along the way.
It's been designed for use by the least skilled operator upwards
and it's suitable for every business with company vehicles.
When the audit is complete just sync and in a few seconds the data is uploaded to the server.

All data is totally secure and once synced to the back office solution the APP
operator cannot reaccess the data in the app, it's wiped clean.
Your data is fully protected.

Back In The Office....
or anywhere with internet access.

Here you have Instant access into all data, fully password protected.
So management and staff know
 the exact situation at all locations at all times.

First up is the Dasboard.

There's Full Drill Down into each audit by Vehicle, Driver, Depot
Outstanding POD Issues, Resolutions etc....
And there's Barcharts and Comparative Reports  comparing Locations, Problems, Operatives, even Management.

Here management know and can see exactly what's been checked
and what needs authorising...........

Click on Completed Deliveries
Here management know and can see completed deeliveries 
with outstanding actions...........
Email PODs, Excel Export, PDF Print & File, BarCharts, Archive 

POD Resolutions
Click onto PODs Awaiting Authorisation, Outstanding Actions or Completed Audits
opens up the defects resolution screen

Here management can check and or resolve issues raised during the delivery
ensuring all Issues, Incidents, Remedial Actions etc
are Followed Up and are ALL Actioned correctly immediately and not missed.
You can easily attach additional photos emails invoices pdfs etc... as proof.

 Reporting, Quality and Service

This POD APP is all about Making Life Simpler, Saving Time & Money.

Each question in all the PODs can have a score, a number assigned to it.

Each number can also have passes or fails, major or minor.

All answers are totalled by the system giving a percentage
against possible and actuals allowing you to target and compare
areas, vehicles, drivers, managers etc.


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