Talbot Group Improve Service with CareAudits

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Talbot Group
Improve Quality & Service with CareAudits

Talbot Group are using CareAudits in over 20 Nursing Homes & Intellectual Disability Services locations in Ireland.
Steven Tegart, Performance & Quality Coordinator at Talbot Group says......
“CareAudits has been an integral part of the program of continuous quality improvement in the Talbot Group. We chose the system for its comprehensive technical features combined with every day ease of use, its competitive price and unrivaled support from the professional and friendly team.
CareAudits has allowed us to vastly increase the type, frequency and rigorousness of our in house audits and to easily identify, tackle and monitor any issues that have arisen. Senior management love the extensive reporting features and setup and administration of the system is a breeze. I would highly recommend CareAudits to any company who wishes to improve their operations”

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