Customer Survey app Launched

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The new Customer Survey app that connects service providers with their client base 
allowing customers to shape services through direct feedback.

It's so simple for the user to use; so they use it!
A single example of its power is that the app is ideal for getting results and feedback within minutes; or even during or immediately after an event.

Wade Tovey director of Care Plus Innovation says "Opinioneer is an innovative phone app designed to combat survey disengagement and has been developed at Teesside University.
The costs make this tool of communication available to any size organisation, which secures its place in every aspect of industry where feedback is wanted. Trials showed that customers were more likely to be surveyed by Opinioneer than any other solution scoring highest in feedback and engagement. This ensured that the content of the feedback received was far more accurate and valuable and customers were more responsive to repeat surveys"

Opinioneer Apps 

1. The App which is simple and easy to use. Users take only a couple of seconds to respond with simple one touch answers.
2. There are a variety of question types as standard, 1) Simple Yes Nos; 2) Rating Scores 1 to 5; 3) Choose one of 6 potential answers; 4) A Star Rating of 1 to 5.
3. Flexible frequency and unlimited simple push notifications to app users are delivered at minimal cost compared with all other survey methods.
4. Distinguishes you from all other social media like Facebook and Twitter by direct targeting, harvesting results and instant analysed response with the additional benefit of anonymous or not options.
5. Results are timed to respond to all app users after closure of the questions, within minutes if you like, whether they have participated or not ensuring everyone is continually engaged with you.
6. The system also allows you to give additional feedback on the results and subsequent actions as well as general information pages and promotional information.
7. The app provides an ongoing means of engagement rather than a ‘one at a time survey’ as with other solutions.
8. The app can be ‘Skinned’ or ‘Personalised’ or ‘Customised’ with individual Company / Corporate id and information.
9. The demographics of the app users enable you to select groups to survey and groups for follow ups.
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